netdotnet provide primarily remote UNIX/Linux systems and network administration services. many businesses do not have either the budget or requirement to hire a full-time UNIX/Linux sysadmin, but wish to capitalise on the performance, price and security advantages of UNIX/Linux systems. for such businesses, it makes sense to out-source this work, and only pay for the time required (ad-hoc), or retain a regular amount of time if regular work is needed. (retained time is discounted by 25%)

with over a decade's experience of UNIX/Linux systems, and keeping abreast of new open-source technologies, we can offer your business expert advice, service and solutions. in that time netdotnet have dealt with a wide range of UNIX/Linux sysadmin tasks. these include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • server provisioning, upgrades and migration, configuration management (ansible, puppet, chef, foreman, fai, cobbler)
  • server deployments with many DataCentres and Cloud services, notably Amazon EC2, Linode,, Rackspace
  • cluster and cloud deployments (notably ganeti)
  • implementation and maintenance of backup systems
  • disaster recovery, such as rebuilding failed servers
  • email server management, spam/virus filtering, webmail
  • firewall management, auditing, configuration
  • hardware and software problem diagnosis and solutions
  • software package and service upgrades
    (notably patching for security advisories)

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